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Cupping therapy

Cupping Massage

 Cupping Therapy

Cupping therapy is a Chinese medicine treatment that, like acupuncture, helps you with stress and chronic aching. This process consists of placing special cups on specific parts of the patient's body, which creates suction pressure on them. Patients go for this treatment when they need to relieve any kind of aching, anxiety, or to improve their blood flow and relax. This treatment gives the patient a massage-like experience, which helps them stay happy and relaxed. It also maintains their body's balance and keeps problems such as a sore shoulder under control.


Cupping therapy has several benefits. It is known to improve digestion, boost skin health, help with respiratory issues, and speed up the recovery time on specific injuries and ailments. Some of the benefits you will find from a cupping experience:

  • Enhance blood flow

  • Empowers immunity by increasing lymphatic output

  • Reduced inflammation

  • Calms down the nervous system

  • Stretches muscles and connective tissue

  • Loosens up restrictions and adhesions in the tissue

  • General relaxation

  • Optimizes athletic performance

  • Maintains overall health and wellbeing 


How Cupping Therapy Works

The cups are placed onto the body to help treat inflammation, increase blood circulation, help with pain, and as a form of massage therapy. At Nunyara, there are two types offered, Dry Cupping and Fire Cupping.


Fire Cupping: the therapist will be using a flammable substance inside the cup , which is then ignited, and as the fire fades, the cup is turned upside down and placed directly onto the skin. As the cup cools from the heat, it will create a vacuum which creates a vacuum which raises the skin into the cup. 

Dry Cupping: is a similar experience where there is a vacuum created around the skin. The only difference is that a vacuum pump helps create the suction instead of using a flammable substance.

In both cases, Cupping can leave round marking on your skin which usually clears up in around 2-10 days. Not every individual will experience marks on the skin.

**There is no additional cost to add cupping to your massage Treatment**

Cupping Treatment
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