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Motor Vehicle Accident

Have you been injured in a Motor vehicle accident (MVA)? We can help. Motor Vehicle Accidents can cause pain and discomfort disrupting your everyday life. Massage therapy is an integral part of the recovery process following an MVA to help reduce your pain and stiffness and avoid long-term injuries.

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Crashed Car

After a motor vehicle accident, you can claim massages through your motor vehicle insurance after completing a few important first steps:

You must see a Doctor, Physiotherapist or a Chiropractor within 10 days of your MVA  and fill out an AB-1 form which will be given to you by your primary health practitioner. They will fill out an AB-2 form to submit to your insurance company with your diagnosis and recommended treatment plan. This form needs to be completed within 10 days of your accident. Please request an extra copy so we can document it on file and or we can scan it at the time of your appointment and you can then start massage treatments.

Once you’ve completed this process you can begin to receive massage therapy treatments. Based on the severity and evaluation of your injuries by your  primary healthcare provider, you’ll receive 10-21 treatments that can be used toward physiotherapy, chiropractic services, massage therapy etc. You can choose to use all treatments toward a single type of service, or spread them out between different practitioners. 

The treatments which have been approved under Diagnostic Protocols are effective for either 90 days from the time of the accident or until the completion of a pre-determined number of treatments (10 or 21 treatments depending on the severity and diagnosis of your injuries) and approvals from your adjuster.

Please note that it is your right as the claimant to choose the clinic in which you choose to go to. Your insurance adjuster may recommend a location, but it is your right to choose where and who provides your care. You are allowed to seek care at different clinics, however it is your responsibility as the patient to keep track of the number of treatments you are receiving.

Click below For more information in regards to Motor Vehicle Accident injury claims in the province of Alberta

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